In recent years, Englewood Schools has been on a path of academic growth. At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, we made a plan to prioritize academic achievement and growth and began a two year project known as the Academic Achievement Initiative (AAI).

While academics have always been a priority for the district, this initiative ensured that our resources, time and efforts were laser focused at creating systems that would implement and refine systems so that all students in Englewood Schools are given the best learning opportunities possible for years to come.

The initiative operates in four main focus areas:

  • Strong Leaders - We are proud to have strong leadership teams in each of our schools, and it's important that each school principal is supported and provided with what their school needs. 
  • Excellent Educators - Through talent management, Englewood Schools is committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers and support staff. We want strong teachers facilitating learning in every classroom. To do this, we are committed to making our schools places that teachers want to be. As we are proud of our leaders, we are proud of our educators and support teams in Englewood Schools.
  • Support and Accountability - Throughout this school year, district leaders have weekly collaboration visits at each school that focus on how to best support our principals and teachers. Support and accountability ensures schools have the right tools to meet the needs of their students. Every school has different needs and challenges, and we are committed to ensuring our leaders have the tools to address those needs and keep their schools thriving. 
  • Instructional Infrastructure - This is a particularly important focus for us this year because solid systems for curriculum are necessary for our teachers to be supported.

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