Health & Wellness

Research has illustrated time and again that good cardiovascular health strongly correlates to improved performance in math, reading, and other subjects, and that having sound nutrition enables students to concentrate better and learn more.

Health & Wellness 

Kelsey Damjanovich  (Physical Education Teacher)

Shandiss Gonzales(School Health Assistant) 

Kelly Fries (School Counselor)

Marisa Beauchaine (District Health Coordinator)

Darla Stapleton (School Counselor) 

Lorraine Cahill (Clayton Secretary) 

  • Hi Clayton Tigers! I miss you all so much. It is so important that you are up and moving every single day. I am making this calendar every month to help you get moving. Each month workouts will progressively get harder. In this month's workout I will be attaching this video to help you, in case you need them.  The videos can be accessed in your google classroom or SeeSaw account. It is so important to do the workouts correctly, so that you don’t get injured. If you feel sore or tired from the workout, it means you probably did it correctly. You can always add weight to your workout, such as holding milk jugs as you squat. The ideas are endless! If you ever need to chat just email me at, I am always willing to help.  Love, Mrs. Damjanovich

  • Here is a website to go to for yoga and mindfulness,,,, 

  • Jogging can even be done in front of the TV, but even better when it’s outside! Get a family member to join. It’s better with someone. 

  • Each exercise should be done 3 times with however many sets or minutes. Take a 20-30 second break between each set. 

  • Color in each block that you do. BE HONEST! Parent signs it and you give it to your teacher to give to Mrs. Damjanovich for a prize. You must do at least 5 blocks a week. Remember, stay healthy and strong!